Sparc Systems Ltd. was founded in 1989 by a team of technologist. We use our expertise in networking, communications, embeded systems and sensor technologies to deliver perfect fit solutions to your problems.

Our standard products incude Video Conference solutions, Mobile ATMs, GPS tracking, GSM/GPRS/SMS solutions, Security Systems, Access Control Systems etc. Our engineers give you expert project supervision at all stages of development and implementation. We ensure that you have the best and most economical choices in system design. You place yourself in capable hands with Sparc.

Sparc's commitment to excellence ensures that our customers have the best possible and latest solution. Since it's inception, Sparc has specialized in developing, manufacturing, integrating and distributing complex hardware, software and electronic solutions.

Sparc continues its mission to develop state-of-the-art products and systems that will enhance your business, add value to your customers and leverage your IT infrastructure.

The Company has developed in-house numerous state of the art technologies - Developed the world’s first Multifunction Business Machine, Integra (Fax, Scanner, Printer, Voice Mail, Digital Answering Machine,Scheduler, 486 PC), Electronic Security Systems, Facsimile router on leased line with G3 capability, Electronic Detection & Monitoring range of products, Building Management Systems, Central Monitoring Station, Remote Surveillance, VOIP boxes, Video Conferencing, Wireless Systems, Thin Clients, Mobile ATMs, Mobile Banks, Biometric Systems, Remote Display Systems, Telematic systems for fleet management / Vehicle control, Wireless Mesh networks, UTM firewall and network access systems and GPS Loggers.

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