Home Security Systems

   CCTV Systems

- 1st layer of security
- Used to monitor movements, actions &    inaction
- Single point, multi point monitoring
- Local and /or remote monitoring
- Configurations range from simple one camera    system to advanced digital systems supporting 255    cameras

Applications : Residential, Commercial & Industrial
    Video Door Phone

 - Most essential visitor screening facility
 - Clear image of the person at the door even     in darkness
 - Two way communication from within the     safety of the premises
 - Automatic opening of door lock

Applications : Residential, Commercial

   Apartment Security Systems

 - Includes panic alarm, intrusion and fire    detection system in each apartment & a    central monitor for the entire residential    complex
 - Customisable models for individuals, groups    & entire residential blocks / complexes
   EPAX / audio / video

Applications :
Apartments, Building, Residential Complexes

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