GPS Tracking

TracSec I is a realtime GPS tracking and Security system for cash vans, autos, trucks and other vehicles. TracSec I is a completely self contained, real time tracking and Security device with an automatic locking facility. This revolutionary new Tracking and Security device combines GPS with multiple communication technologies like VHF, GSM, SMS or GPRS. Both direct communications or web based relays can be used.

TracSec Server

The TracSec server is a powerful, yet easy to use automated tracking and Security system that provides you with a complete vehicle tracking, locating, monitoring and control solution for your mobile assets.

Vehicle Black Box

The Vehicle black box is a small, self-contained tracking, security and communications device that can be easily mounted in any vehicle. Made in tamper proof steel, the VBB also records data for later retrieval.

Using satellite (GPS) technology, VBB quietly tracks the vehicle's exact location. The VC streams reports about the vehicle's location and status using it's communications channel. This data is also stored in it's memory for later retrieval.

The user has instant access to this information from any PC. The VBB is designed to operate reliably even if the vehicle is parked for long periods of time. The System can stream data using internal battery, depending on the power pack used.

Security system

The TracSec has a special security system. This includes wireless button pendants. If the driver presses this button an alarm is set off at the server. An optional lock may be activated (automatically or manually) from the server. This will bring the vehicle to a stop, allowing the authorities vital time to intervene.

Route Deviation Restrictor

With this feature the vehicle is allowed to travel along a pre determined route. If it deviates from this route, an alarm is triggered at the server. The locking system may also be activated.


With TracSec you can schedule reports and actions for:

Location, speed and direction.
Total engine-on time.
Enabling or Disabling vehicle lock
Activating or Deactivating Route Deviation Restrictor

Triggers & Monitors

TracSec can trigger an alarm on several conditions like:

Number of miles exceeded.
Engine on-time has reached a configured total number of hours.
Ignition is turned on or off
Low battery
Low lube oil
Excess engine temperature
Low brake oil
Excess speed
Vehicle is stationary for more than set time limit


GSM Analog 9600 /14400 bps
GSM Digital 9600 /14400 bps
SMS non streaming


GPS Receiver: L1 frequency. C/A code Parallel 12 channel tracking
Accuracy: Within 100' 95%of the time
Input ports (Analog): 4 (24 v max)
Input ports (Digital): 4 (12 v max)
Output Ports: 4 0v 15A 12v
Power source: Vehicle battery plus 7Ah battery backup
Memory: 128KB flash
Temperature: -15 to +60 C operating
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Packaging: MS /SS sealed secure housing
Size: 12" x 6" x 10"
Weight: 6kgs (with 25W vhf transceiver + battery)
Antennas: Surface mount or whip


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