Fire & Intrusion Detection Systems

Sparc Systems Ltd. manufactures a range of intelligent fire detection, Instrusion detection panels. Using advanced client server architecture and distributed intelligence, these systems bring all information to a central server, the central server provides you with 24/7 Monitoring and Remote Administration capability. At the same time these systems generate local alarms and can page local personnel using SMS, thus providing great flexibility.
The system directly interfaces to Ionization Smoke Detectors, Optical Smoke Detectors, Beam Detectors, Manual call points, Motion Sensors, Wireless Panic Pendants, Magnetic Sensors, Glass Break Detectors, Hooters, Annunciators and Flashers. These panels are available as independent Fire detection and Intrusion detection systems or combined together into one unit.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Detect any unwanted movement in or around the protected area.

Local and/or remote alarm to alert security personnel.

Wide range of sensors such as Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors and Magnetic Contacts can be interconnected

Applications : Residential, Commercial


Fire Detection Systems

Local and/or remote alarms.

Intelligent addressable programmable panels.

Wide range of sensors such as smoke sensors, heat (thermal) sensors, optical sensors, manual call points etc. can be interconnected.

Panels customisable to suit individual needs.

Applications : Residential, Commercial & Industrial

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